Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tea Party and The Race Card

    Rev. Jackson never ceases to amaze me.  I am still waiting for the day that he actually says something upbeat and a thank you even would be nice to this country for the opportunities given all who want to take advantage of them.  We haven't done everything right, but we have come a long way to correct the mistakes of the past.
As a Tea Party member, I can speak for myself by saying I am not a racist and am offended when called one.    My complaint is with the government and the way it is wasting my hard earned money and I will continue to speak out on that. This way is unsustainable, the few left paying the way of the many.
  President Obama needed the white vote to get elected and he got it. The change we got was not what some people expected.  We now have an elected black President, a black Attorney General, a black Governor in my state and others, many black Representatives local and on the federal level.  It looks to me as that the race card is being played by the liberals.  I am old enough to remember the OLD black panther organization and it seems nothing has changed with the New group and the hate they have for the white race.......................why?

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  1. The Black Panthers have ALWAYS been a pack of shiftless black criminals who preyed primarily on other black people.

    barack hussein obama has immunized them as best he could. It's no less than I would have expected of him and his regime.


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