Thursday, July 1, 2010

Private Business in Massachusetts is Booming...............or not

       Governor Deval, when taking over that position, welcomed biotechnology and other companies to the Bay State.  Jobs a plenty and much dollars for the state employees pay, benefits, and other entitlements.
       We in Mass. are still working through the recession that some tell us is over.  Companies are not hiring and some of our customers are even now entering bankruptcy proceedings.  Ride around in the industrial parks and you will see all the vacancies.
      This president is showing up at these staged town meetings telling those who would listen that thanks to him things are better, not worse.  Please, Mr. President, stop helping.  The only contracts coming up to bid in this area are those in the public sector.  Well, that is not creating jobs and when the libraries and the post offices and the water treatment plants work is done, what then...  who pays.... and for that matter... who will be left?

     Gloucester Engineering

     Chiron Properties

     W- Hotel


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