Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Post offices slow and inefficient

A new common bond with France. The United States Post office is running in the red and raising the postage to 47cents or $1.00 is not going to make a difference. Some people have suggested to stop mail on a Saturday. You can raise the rates and deliver only on Monday and Tuesday, but the efficiency and the decline of use will not improve.
Am I wrong, or is it the more they raise the price of a stamp, the more people take advantage of email and payment of bills on line. This reminds me of the sales tax, raise it and people buy less or go to another state. Stop the nonsense or allow for sum good old competition in regards to privately run and privately owned to make a profit.

in reference to: French postal system still too slow and inefficient, says report - The Connexion (view on Google Sidewiki)


  1. The Post Office has an official government monopoly. Try to start your own first class mail company and see how quickly the PO can respond.

    Any rate hikes or changes of service has to have congressional approval. Remember those 3500 POs that were going to be closed this last year? Only about 110 were actually closed.

    I move we privatize the PO, end their monopoly and see how well they perform then.

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