Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oil, not just for salad anymore...............

Excuse the title.  It is sweltering here in the North East, and that's fine by me.  I live not far from the ocean but thirty years ago after building our home, we were also 'lucky' to have added a pool and now the grand kids are enjoying it too.
We also have not been able to get away much on vacations and I feel badly for the folks who plan their summer trips to the shore only to be wary of the oil that might beat them there first.
Why it is taking so long to plug that pipe.... I have know idea.  All the government agents, and departments, and inspectors that also missed the signs of a catastrophe...... I also ask why.  To this point, I say that government is just too big and too cumbersome and those in charge are not the right people to be in charge and to do the job.  I have as yet heard of anyone who has lost their job because of a missed step or error in judgment.  And I guess today could be the final day to Blame Bush for all the failed policies and that that is so wrong now happening in our country. This president is walking the same path so I guess the blame can now be shared.

Obama Decried, Then Used, Some Bush Drilling Policies

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