Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jan Brewer blasts boycott

Welcome Gov. Brewer to Boston, where the first revolution began and the site of the governor's meeting this weekend. As this administration continues to pit state against state and legal against illegal they have lost the confidence of their base and of the Democrats who got this president elected. I say go Gov. Brewer and if and when we recover from this 'downturn' I will be one of the first to visit your fine state and I will also be sending a donation to your defense fund.

“I’m an elected official and have been for 28 years and I’ve never called on anyone to boycott any city or any state. I think it really harms the people that are out there trying to do work and trying to do their jobs,” said Brewer, who’s been under siege since she signed legislation in May allowing police to check immigration status of Arizona residents.
“I think the majority of America is in agreement with what we’re trying to do in Arizona,” she added.
Boston city councilors voted to cut off business with Arizona shortly after Brewer signed the immigration bill, which goes into effect July 29. Mayor Thomas M. Menino gave the shutout his thumbs up and even investigated halting city contracts with Arizona businesses.
“It’s ill advised and it’s ill conceived,” Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri, a Republican, said of the boycott. “I told her I think she’s doing a great job.”
Boston City Council President Michael Ross and City Councilor Felix G. Arroyo, who co-sponsored the boycott, didn’t return repeated calls for comment.


  1. Now is the time for all patriotic Americans to come to the aid of Arizona, and support them.

    Thank you Jan Brewer for standing up against
    a Fed. government gone MAD! We are with you!

  2. Obviously these boycott supporters are not thinking of the AZ residents and their livelihoods.
    I think Gov. Brewer is one strong lady.


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