Monday, July 12, 2010

Free Speech in Barack Obama's America

   Found this article interesting  and to the point as that it is from across the pond and even there a change is seen in America and how are country has been changing.  Free speech is one issue and another has also come into question as to what the federal government chooses to spend our money on when they decide to sue a state and overlooking someone's right to vote when armed men are posted outside the polling place.   Heaven forbid you wish anyone a Merry Christmas or God Bless a sneeze...............

Journalists are being fired for saying what they think while politicians on the Left and Right are being allowed to get away without being questioned, laments Toby Harnden.
Freedom of speech may be part of the United States Constitution but perhaps the First Amendment that enshrines it could do with a caveat or two being added.
Congress may make no law “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press”, the Bill of Rights lays down. That still holds true but, increasingly, speaking freely can get you fired or tarred for life.
Even more ominously, the internet and the increased ease of free communication is allowing the cannier politicians to escape scrutiny rather than be held to account.
Ironically, it is the mainstream media itself that is on the attack against press freedom. Last week, Octavia Nasr, a Lebanese Christian who was CNN’s Senior Editor for Arab Affairs, was summarily fired after 20 years for tweeting that she was “sad” about the death of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah, describing him as “one of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot”.


  1. Things need to be brought back into balance. I suspect that we will see that happen in November and even the most rabid Democrats are saying that their party's dominance in the legislature will end. The only question is how far back the pendulum will swing.

    We could see barack hussein obama impeached if there is a US House of Representatives that is able to conduct independent investigations.

  2. LL..
    Hope the anger with this administration does not fade come November and we are able to stop some of those bills being hurried through congress. Heading to one of those radical 'Tea Parties' next weekend, they seem to be growing even in my area.


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