Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Socialized Medicine will make you sick in Canada

       My wish for everyone is to stay well for we in America do not learn by our mistakes and put too much faith in our government's ability to heal and save all it's people. 

"There's got to be some change to the status quo whether it happens in three years or 10 years," said Derek Burleton, senior economist at Toronto-Dominion Bank.
"We can't continually see health spending growing above and beyond the growth rate in the economy because, at some point, it means crowding out of all the other government services.
"At some stage we're going to hit a breaking point."
In some ways the Canadian debate is the mirror image of discussions going on in the United States.

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  1. Hi Lady Di, I'm sick of this administration forcing us to go the way of other countries. This is showing the folly of socialized medicine and everything else from the nanny state. Yet, BO is pushing us towards it. I can't wait until November to stop him. (If he hasn't been arrested by then).


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