Wednesday, June 23, 2010


     Not to ignore or push aside the turmoil that his administration and the president are going through daily, but a matter of safety has come to my attention and it concerns a foreign country.  It is not Afghanistan, Korea, or Russia, no, it is France.  France might be about to top us in the bicycle safety issue.

Cycle helmet law proposed:   CYCLISTS in France could be fined for not wearing a helmet and fluorescent jacket under a proposed new law.
Corsica MP Sauveur Gandolfi-Scheit has submitted a draft law to parliament which has been supported by 66 others.
The proposed law would require cyclists to wear a bright jacket at all times. At the moment they are only compulsory in rural areas at night.

               Is someone slacking off on their responsibility to keep all citizenry in our country safe and protected by all means deemed necessary?  Heads are gonna roll (sorry)  Why are we not required to wear florescent jackets WITH our mandated helmets, all ages.  Why do I have to be the judge and the person to make the decision on what safety hat, jacket, or underwear would be best suited for me and my family....I have enough to do.  Who is watching over me and making those decisions (or not) for me?  May I suggest more government over site and also a new law in our country for all riding a bike, in a car, or walking on the dangerous sidewalk to wear fluorescent jackets too. We could also add a solar powered red light on top of each helmet, in that way we can use alternative energy and be safe!   Then again we can take the lead of the safest country and not be embarrassed by the French!
            Thanks for listening and now off to my ach flash mandatory class and then to my lead paint certification class......stay well and Safe 

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