Monday, June 21, 2010

New Meaning to the 'Red Light District"

Two much-debated City Hall issues are expected to converge this week when the Los Angeles Police Department's red light camera program moves to the front of the line for an exemption from the city's contracting boycott of Arizona over that state's new immigration enforcement law.

On Tuesday, the City Council is scheduled to consider — and appears likely to approve — an exception to the boycott allowing a 10-month extension of a multimillion-dollar agreement with Scottsdale-based American Traffic Solutions.

The firm operates cameras at 32 city intersections that catch tens of thousands of red light violators each year. The council's Public Safety Committee says the exception is justified because red light cameras provide a "significant benefit to public safety."

      The back story: Cameras installed on all traffic light stops.  Is this a privacy issue and will less police officers be needed.  Sprinkler and smoke alarm systems are now mandated for homes and industry.  Does this mean that we need less full time firefighters and lay offs could be coming that would help city and town budgets that are in the red?

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