Monday, June 7, 2010

L.A. makes opening restaurants easier

This administration has been promising new jobs (private) for months but unemployment is still said to be around 9.7%. Many states are already bankrupt and California has companies moving out. It is very difficult to do and create business and jobs. Small companies have been asking those who write the laws to maybe slack off on new and repetitive regulations at best. L.A. is making it a bit easier to open a is a step in the right direction.

"Building a restaurant involves almost all the building trades — mechanical, architectural, health, grease control, electrical," Chan said, and each one requires a different set of inspections.
Until now, he said, inspectors from different departments would come to a restaurant construction site and demand different types of safety measures, or insist that the owner pull out materials that another inspector had insisted on using.
In one case, he said, a restaurant owner put in one type of equipment for processing and removing grease at the behest of the health department. Then, he said, the city's Bureau of Sanitation, which handles trash removal, insisted that the part be replaced with a different type of equipment — at a cost of up to $40,000.
Two years ago, when she served as project manager on a remodel of the historic Cole's restaurant in downtown L.A., it took 15 months to wade through the permitting and construction process, she said.
"A mechanical engineer would come in and see something he would want changed or modified," she said. "We would make the modifications, then the Fire Department would come in and change it for something they were in favor of."

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  1. Even though I live in California, I can't understand why a company that COULD relocate does not.


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