Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I did not watch the president's speech last night because I just do not like to watch him. That said, I did view the repeats this morning. I have to take issue with the whole tone but the word "recklessness" in particular.

I do not believe that BP is completely to blame, and those who made the laws and the regulations to drill so far off shore could be considers reckless. I also believe that many who were to enforce those rules and regulations did not do so and they are the reckless ones. I feel the president is reckless in stopping all off shore drilling in the gulf and in doing so shutting down jobs and taking over still another industry that he does not approve of. Reckless is shutting down one's livelihood and sending more families into poverty. Reckless is not seeing that so far your policies and company takeovers do not work and are not good for the country. Reckless is being arrogant and in the pockets of some while disregarding what is the call of the majority.  Let's just hope the BP survives this president and does not go bankrupt before it can pay for the cleanup and other legitimate claims.

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  1. Well my friend what else would we expect from this loser who is Our Community Organizer-in-Chief!


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