Tuesday, June 22, 2010

China to overtake US as world's biggest Manufacturer in 2011

    This is a sad, sad, state of affairs.  Why is it that our place in the world is to be as a SERVICE nation and how will that help our people and our economy? We can not survive unless we make something, anything! 
Manufacturing is not a dirty word anymore than community activist is.
   Now this to me is the real 'manipulation' of China.

The US remained the world’s biggest manufacturing nation by output last year, but is poised to relinquish this slot in 2011 to China – thus ending a 110-year run as the number one country in factory production.
Last year, the US created 19.9 per cent of world manufacturing output, compared with 18.6 per cent for China, with the US staying ahead despite a steep fall in factory production due to the global recession.
That the US is still top comes as a surprise, since in 2008 – before the slump of the past two years took hold – IHS predicted it would lose pole position in 2009.


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