Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cancer screening schemes in France

     Health insurance coverage and costs are a large concern of our daily life in America.  Finding and keeping a job is the second on the list.  If Obamacare is not repealed, you will not even recognize the medical profession, choice of medical insurance, and out of pocket money paid for a test if you can even qualify for the test....
    Will we look more like France?  Be vary wary of the government when they says free and that your taxes will not increase.

   NEW research in the USA has raised hopes that one day doctors might be able to track the presence of cancer with a simple blood test.
However until then each type of cancer has its own separate method of screening - and its own medical jargon and costs.
In France there are routine screening campaigns for four of the most common types of cancer: breast, prostate, cervical and bowel.
These are offered free to certain age groups.
The four cancers are well-suited for early screening: they grow slowly and symptoms can take a while to appear. Screening means potential problems can be picked up at a very early stage, greatly increasing the chances of successful treatment.
If you fall outside of the target group but still want to be checked, or if your test comes back positive and you need further checks you will have to pay for consultations and claim back the cost.
With all of these tests, you should remember to bring proof of identity, a carte vitale, complementary health assurance card if you have one and blood group card.
It is a good idea to ask your doctor to include a blood grouping with the first test because you will need your blood group card if you ever need to go into hospital for an operation.
Breast cancer (cancer du sein)
A free nationwide screening campaign is in place for every woman aged 50 to 74 – the age group most exposed to the risk of breast cancer. You should receive a voucher from the local health service every two years offering a mammogram (mammographie). It must be claimed within six months.
Appointments are made directly with a local centre de radiologie without the need to go via your GP. You will be given a list of nearby centres that are agréé (conform to agreed standards on training and

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