Thursday, May 20, 2010


Be forewarned of the day that the control of your dish washer or any other of your electrical needs is not up to you.  It is happening in our town as notice came around recently of the switch over to the new 'smart meter'.  Kind of like the rolling blackouts when in the summer the load is not able to handle all those air-conditioning units.  The only difference is that someone, other than you, will be able to control your power consumption, when and how much.  Sounds great until you are the one that is getting monitored and your house is dark.  This is not to scare you, but to tell you what could I have your attention yet? 

 England: It will be able to turn on your washing machine remotely, to switch off your tumble dryer and to manage how and when you use your energy supply — and National Grid believes that ultimately it will change the way in which Britain uses its electricity and gas.
OnStream, a National Grid business that supplies meters and meter-reading services for all six energy retailers, has developed a smart meter that can communicate with similarly equipped appliances through Bluetooth-style wireless technology.
Its ability to turn appliances on and off remotely means that customers will be able to choose cheaper “interruptible” tariffs and run their appliances at the most economic time, which will help to balance energy demand.

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  1. They do that in California now.

    They may do it more if Arizona boycotts us because our foolish legislature objects to their arrest and ejection of ILLEGAL aliens.


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