Monday, May 10, 2010

Pols slow to target machine guns

 Like all laws, most start with good intentions or just because someone was careless in his or her decision that led to a tragic end.  Do I personally want to own a machine gun, no. 

Machine gun ownership in the Bay State is booming, while a bill to tighten ownership and outlaw full-auto free-for-alls like the one that killed an 8-year-old boy two years ago is jammed on Beacon Hill.

James Wallace, exective director of the Gun Owners Action League, opposes Patrick’s bill. In Westfield, he noted the Pelham police chief was in charge of the booth where the boy was slain. That chief stepped down and is facing manslaughter charges.


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  1. Look, I'm all about private gun ownership, but what the hell does a private citizen need a machine gun for? I'm assuming they mean a weapon that auto fires since the average homeowner has no need for a .50 Cal perched on their roof. Interesting.


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