Friday, May 14, 2010

"granny dumping" is not a new game show...........

    Not enough to worry about if I do make it to "old age"   Communist countries always got rid of the old people first, you know, so they could not tell and they were told they were no longer productive.......  Projected cost of Obamacare have jumped quit a bit, didn't see that coming.  The following just means that I have to keep up those babysitting duties and keep making those cookies in hopes it will be remembered by my kids and grand kids when and I need some help in my old age.
Geeeez, I hope I will remember, never mind the kids!!!!

The practice, nicknamed "granny dumping," is an extreme example of the wider issue of senior citizens arriving at emergency simply because they or harried family members do not know where else to turn, say nurses and doctors. The problem is unlikely to go away as a growing number of Canadians enter old age, they suggest.

Some come with notes pinned to their clothes or tucked inside pockets. Often, they are unable to explain who they are or where they came from.


  1. Oh my! I don't think it will happen to least it better not. I'll come back and 'haunt' those kids of mine!

  2. The Progressives are the ones who came up with the idea of eugenics. That one must have a purpose to exist in society. And, once you are no longer productive, then you are no longer needed, thus discarded like an old tissue.

    This is the humanity of the Democrats, who support abortion,death panels, and old folks homes. For take care or having them around is an inconvience to their life.

    Yet, for some odd reasy the left call us on the right greed and selfish. Again, yet it is those on the right who charish life,oppose killing babies, and want granny to move in with them - cause it is the Christian and moral thing to do.

    Strange isn't it?


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