Saturday, May 22, 2010

BORDER WAR.......................WITH CANADA?

   We the people want immigration reform and our borders to be safe.   We also want our property rights and common sense thrown in just for good measure.   I do not believe this issue comes under the rights of homeland security and taking of one's property.  And even if this should happen why does our government vote to spend our money on Tarp, Stimulus, and foreign aid to Greece and in return pay bottom dollar on a land grab.

Farmer stands up to Department of Homeland Security



Few spots on the Canada-U.S. border would seem as tranquil as Morses Line. Cows vastly outnumber cars. You’re more likely to hear the sounds of songbirds than an idling 18-wheeler.
Yet it’s here, on a rustling meadow seeded with clover and alfalfa just steps from the border with Quebec, that the Department of Homeland Security envisions a modern new border station to bolster security on its northern frontier. That is, unless dairy farmer Clement Rainville gets his way.

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  1. That's the feds choking on their own hypocrisy. They badmouth an individual state about it's southern border and then say they are taking land to prevent those pesky Canucks from illegally entering the country. You are correct. Landgrab is the best term.


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