Saturday, April 10, 2010


I grew up in a different time and maybe some would think me old fashioned. One thing has not changed and that is your word of honor. In my day it was 'cross my heart and hope to die' but it was that important when you meant what you said.  How things have changed, and in my humble opinion, not all for the better. It is easier for a young girl to get an abortion with out a parents consent than to break your word and have to explain yourself without a lawyer by your side!  Life is hard, lets at least be honest about it for God's sake and the sake of our country, please............Can ya read, well do not sign or agree to a code if you do not know what it means because there might be a consistence involved and you might be held accountable when you grow up and live in the world with the big girls and boys...lesson learned.....

Maine teen challenges high school's honor code

A Maine teen accused of violating her school's honor code is challenging that code, and her suspension in federal court.
Yarmouth, Maine is a small coastal town known for its high achieving schools.                  
Any student who wants to participate in extra-curricular activities is required to sign an honor code.
David Ray, Chair, Yarmouth school committee: "The code covers all types of things, like drinking, being present when drinking is going on, cheating, breaking the law, drugs...all things we as parents hope they make good choices about"  
If they violate that code, students face specific consequences, including suspensions from activities. Yarmouth school officials believe this photo shows a 16-year-old student athlete breaking the honor code.

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  1. I don't understand why the student thinks he should deserve some sort of break from violating the agreement he signed.

    Though, it's not as if the MEDIA shows that honor means anything and we all know that's where today's youth get their values for the greater part.

    And barack hussein obama is leading the country through a pattern of lies and back-room shuffles. In order to for an honor code to mean something to children, the adults who lead the nation need to begin to walk the walk as well. We know that won't happen while the current regime is in place.

  2. LL
    Thanks for stopping by. I am glad my kids are grown and well and I am a proud Mom. Some of us do not have to be told what is right and what is wrong...

  3. Honor, Morality and Honesty...words with their meaning disappearing or nonexistent in our society. Great post and I thank my parents for teaching me importance of honor, such as "honor thy Father and thy Mother"

  4. THANK YOU for posting this! I really like your blog!!

    Common Cents

    ps. Link Exchange?


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