Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Contract nets $74M for Boston Firefighters

   In the time of private company layoffs and downsizing, why is it that police and fire can not do the same?  My competition, at the least will increase with this increase in pay.  Many of these men and women also compete with the private sector in carpentry, plumbing, electricity, etc. doing so with their first job, the public one, paying the insurance and pensions.  This is not sustainable and we, the working poor, can not afford it anymore.  I want everyone to have a good job at good pay, but how is this going to work with less revenue coming into the cities and states...........oh, I guess it is time to increase the taxes and fees for service or maybe we can pitch in and help put out some fires and give out parking tickets since we are home, unemployed, and looking for something to do and to pay our bills!!

The city has won the battle for firefighter drug testing - but the deal will cost taxpayers a whopping $74 million as a state arbitrator awarded the union a staggering 19 percent raise over four years.
The contract, which can be blocked by the City Council, calls for the raises to be retroactive to 2006 - when Boston Firefighters Local 718’s last deal expired. The pay hikes are roughly 5 percent more than the raises police officers received.
The city was seeking a more modest 14 percent raise, retroactive to 2008.

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