Thursday, March 25, 2010


First, you know we are a small 64 year old family business and operate in Massachusetts who already passed a health care for all law and the system has failed.  I go on.
I thought the president was for creating jobs? This bill is a job breaker, unless you are a union, and is one reason we will not look to hire or grow our business (again).  Who would even WANT to start a new business, the government is stomping on creativity and creating a country of poor people...why achieve?

Beginning in 2014, organizations with more than 50 employees that don't offer affordable coverage will pay a penalty starting at $750 a year per full-time worker under the bill approved by the Senate and House of Representatives.
A proposal approved separately by the House, which still requires Senate approval, would raise that penalty to $2,000.
Employers with 50 or fewer employees would be exempt from these penalties, while organizations with more than 200 workers would be required to enroll workers automatically into health-insurance plans offered by the employer. Employees can opt out of these plans.
Penalties are the sticks meant to spur employers to offer coverage. The carrots comes in the form of tax credits.
For tax years 2010 through 2013, organizations with no more than 25 employees and average annual wages of less than $50,000 that purchase health insurance for employees would receive a tax credit that phases out as firm size and average wage increase, according to a legislative summary from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.
Beginning in 2014, eligible small businesses that purchase coverage through new state exchanges can also receive a tax credit for their contribution toward the employees' health-insurance premium.
The legislation calls for the creation of state-based exchanges through which individuals and small businesses can purchase health coverage.

                   MORE TAXES AND FEES

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  1. Small businesses with 25 employees are exempt NOW, but there is NO guarantee it will remain that way.

    This bill is huge and will only get BIGGER. It has more mandates than a bag of M&M's has M's, and again, there is room for growth--government growth.


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