Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wellfleet selectmen kill turbine plan

WELLFLEET — Five years of work to build a 400-foot-tall wind turbine on town-owned land overlooking White Crest Beach came to a crashing halt last night as selectmen voted unanimously to kill the project.
"I embrace alternative energy and it grieves me to be supporting the end of this project," Selectman Jacqueline Wildes-Beebe said. "There is a lot of risk for too little gain."
The risk, selectmen felt, was primarily to the character of that oceanfront stretch of towering bluffs and wind-stunted vegetation that symbolized the relatively undeveloped beauty that the Cape Cod National Seashore was first created a half century ago to protect.
The idea of placing a large industrial-sized turbine that required a 30-foot wide, paved access road was too much to consider, many said.

Not everyone is on board with solar and wind alternative energy and even I am not convinced on every project that is in the works, but the fact still remains we need to upgrade our electrical grid in this country and find other sources of energy.  Even the president is changing his policy, that helped get him elected mind you, of no drilling off the coast. 

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