Friday, March 26, 2010

Universal Health Massachusetts

Just an update from the State of Massachusetts, land of universal health. We received our NEW rate for 2010 and Universal Health Care. We are a small company, really small, and getting smaller by the year. We are in our 4th generation and feel this will probably be the last. We are OK with that decision. Those in Washington who are in power now will not be there forever either but will it be too late to stop the madness and turn back the massive Federal Health Care Bill? Let's distribute the wealth and raise the poor up into the middles class.

Let's raise the poor up with opportunity and training the likes we have been doing for years. Let's give the poor a chance to better themselves with jobs, not never ending unemployment checks, welfare checks, health insurance, food stamps, handed out by the government. It is not too late to start planning now because the money they are printing soon will be good for nothing....

Notice increase in rate for Universal Health Insurance for 2010 from .08% or .12% to .24%

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