Monday, March 1, 2010

Unions safeguard health benefits

We already know how the president feels about his unions, well here is a case in point how one town tried to have some of these public unions maybe pickup a little more for their health care costs.

It is a familiar lament. Mayors, city and town leaders, and state officials, including Governor Deval Patrick, have launched repeated efforts to rein in the expense of providing health care to municipal workers, retirees, and elected officials.

But organized labor, fiercely protective of its members, has largely refused to budge, resisting local efforts to transfer more health care costs to workers and move communities onto the state’s health care plan. State lawmakers have shown little appetite for forcing an overhaul of the system.

Fiercely protecting your members and unsustainable costs are heading for a show down country wide. Private industry is fading while government jobs are growing and with that are the burdens of paying for them.

in reference to: Mass. law helps keep cities, towns from cutting health costs - The Boston Globe (view on Google Sidewiki)

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