Friday, March 12, 2010


A few thoughts on this National ID card idea that has surfaced once again:  I am a citizen of this country by birth and have birth certificate, a driver's license, a BJ's card, Macy's card, social security card, diver's card, more credit cards, medical ID card, ops, on more credit card, and a passport, all of which are legal.  Are not these cards enough for me, a law abiding, tax paying, public school educated, registered voter, mortgage paying, cat loving and independent thinker to own or carry?  Or am I mistaken,  and will these new ID cards just be passed on to the new off the boat, under the fence, walking around and working person in this country illegally?  Really, the next thing this government will think of doing is paying money to all who own guns and are willing to pass them in to a higher government authority...

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