Saturday, March 20, 2010


Advocates head to Washington for immigration reform rally


As Congress prepares to vote on health care overhaul, tens of thousands of immigrants, including 1,000 from Massachusetts, will take to the National Mall tomorrow to rally for comprehensive immigration reform.
Bay State advocates say the issue has taken a back seat to the health care debate consuming Washington, and they want to put a full-court press on President Obama, who has yet to fulfill a campaign promise for immigration legislation in his first year in office.
“Obama said he was going to put this on the top of his list,’’ said Victor Jose Santos, a community advocate in Chelsea. “But we don’t feel that he has.’’
Santos and a contingent from Massachusetts will board buses tonight and head to the nation’s capital.
They will join an expected 70,000 people on the National Mall to demand legislation that would create a legal pathway for undocumented immigrants to gain citizenship, ease hurdles for families seeking to bring their children and spouses from their homeland, and improve fairness in the workplace so workers are not exploited.

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