Friday, March 19, 2010


    OK....I have have made it this far in life by:  Riding my bike without a helmet.  Driving in a car - no seatbelt.
Smoking, fishing, running businesses, getting married and raising a family with no government intervention! Hell, I even have been known on occasion to use a plastic bag.
   Why in the hell would anyone want to give the government all the say in who gets a student loan and if someone should get a needed medical test of brain surgery? I am not even going to mention the soon to be doctors and nurses that will be leaving practice if Obamacare becomes the law of the land. (OK, I did mention it, sue me)
  The federal government controls now: (sit up and pay attention) mass transit, post office, schools, car companies, banks, social security, taxes ........just to name a few.  Do you thing the money is being managed properly? Is it going to change when Washington gets your health care? Listen, this president says taxes will go up and our insurance will go up with this bill, well if you don't pay taxes or insurance now or if you get a paycheck or unemployment check or welfare check now, what the heck do you care when you hear those remarks, you are already in the clutches and dependent on Big Brother I Know Better Than You politician to take care of you.    
 Time to take charge of your own destiny like many have done for generations. If you need a helping hand, people, as individuals, are ready to help. Don't keep letting this government tell you... don't smoke, what to eat, where to live, what to wear, if you can say a prayer and where, what to think and read, and what time to use the bathroom and when to flush the toilet!   Too big to fail?..... my dupa too big to fail, remember the Roman Empire?     God Bless, She is watching


Oh Ya, Massachusetts has had universal health for a couple years and we are already out of money and looking to the federal government to bail us out!

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  1. Communism, and Massachusetts had the right to go broke through the Tenth Amendment.


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