Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gleeful and Sarcastic Dems.......

“If he were a milk carton, he would be expired,” said Massachusetts Democratic Party chairman John Walsh.

In fact, Democrats now say Brown’s election as the so-called “41st vote” to block Obama’s health-care overhaul inspired them to seek procedural means to bypass GOP efforts to derail the bill.

     You Dems can gloat all you want, but the people still sent a message to Washington and it fell on deaf ears.  We have lost a battle, but the war is still on.  As far as the Dems working harder, all they did was work more in the back rooms to get this bad bill passed.  The jury is still out on Mr. Brown and we will be watching his voting on the hill. 


  1. They continue to forget the people of this country, of course, the healthcare reform law is proof they never cared about the people--only the power.

  2. barack hussein obama managed to do it the Chicago Way.

    I see no reason why we can't use the same tactics.


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