Monday, March 15, 2010

As Usual the New York Times Has It All Wrong

The debate for socialized health care has not been going on for a year, the push to pass the bill has.
And as far as the vote coming down to a 'handful' of House Democrats...has anyone been paying attentions to the town hall meetings and the national polls on this Obamacare?
I am a women and of the belief that a women is in charge of her own body and how she chooses to conduct herself. In that respect, do not ask me to pay for your abortion as I would not expect the same 'favor' from you. Abortion should not be the one and only issue that brings down this bill.
The country can not afford to put anything more in the hands of a few politician and expect that maybe this time it will work. As in the past, it won't and is our government to big to fail??? I also think not.

in reference to: Editorial - More Than Onerous - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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  1. Abortion should not be paid by public dollars.

    Whoever pays for an abortion, bears responsibility for the abortion.


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