Monday, February 22, 2010

Who says cannot use cameras to catch red light runners?

  I am not the only one who has been drawing attention to the cameras posted on almost every red light stop in my town.  Like me, others have noticed and a ruling has been made in Florida about those lights that are looking down on all passers by.  These cameras are watching and recording vehicles that do not stop at red lights. 

In a ruling that could have implications for other cities, a circuit court judge ruled Monday morning that the city of Aventura cannot use cameras to catch red light runners.
The city can appeal the ruling by Circuit Court Judge Jerald Bagley, and the judge's decision has no bearing on other cities nor did it invalid the constitutionality of red-light programs. But if it stays in force, the ruling could set a legal precedent that could be used in suits against red-light camera programs in other cities.
The suit challenging the legality of the program was filed by Hallandale Beach resident Richard Masone. His lawyer, Bret Lusskin of the firm Ticket Cricket, argued that state law specifies that only the state legislature can pass traffic laws, while cities can only regulate traffic issues of local concern, such as parking.
Cities, like Aventura, Miami Beach, Pembroke Pines and others, have used cameras to cite red light runners with a code violation, instead of a traffic violation. Lusskin argued that was merely a way of circumventing the state law and that cities could only issue tickets to red light runners if an officer is present.


  1. We have these red-light runner cameras all over the city of Phoenix, and I am very much in favor of them.

    As long as they are used for that specific function and do not become a part of an infringement on civil liberties, I think thy are serving a very useful purpose.

    Too many people are in too much of a hurry, and sadly it costs lives. Although it's something small, the threat of fines and points on a license might inhibit people from acting dangerously.

  2. Soloman
    Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your thoughts.
    I beg to differ..specific function and infringement on liberties is my point regarding the actions of our government. Would you also be fine with said camera at every stop sign or on a pole in front of your house? The threat of fines and points is not the issue, make it the rule.


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