Wednesday, February 10, 2010


   Our government's goal is to make us all dependent on them.  It does not work and only makes it harder to do business anywhere in the country.  Capitalism does work and is the only hope to get us out of the recession.  A jobs bill is working its way through Congress and added to it is   ....   'an extension of the patriots act' now how is that going to help create jobs? 

HIGH social charges are one of the bugbears of life for the self-employed in France and can cause a cashflow problem in early years.

However difficulties do not only arise on starting up – they can crop up when you close down as well. In some cases it can take a year or more before all of the final payment demands come in.

One reader, who was self-employed from March 2007 to May 2008, said that, ten months after she closed the business, she received final demands for payment for 2008 from social charges body Urssaf, as well as being told to expect a final “regularisation” demand for 2007 – both for more than €1,000.

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