Thursday, February 18, 2010

Two-thirds want French franc back

A GROWING number of French people say they miss the franc and would like it to return.

A survey by Paris Match magazine found 69% would like the old French currency to come back in place of the euro. Some 47% said they missed it "a lot".

When France switched to the euro in January 2002 only 39% were nostalgic about the old currency. This grew to 61% in 2005.

The report found the French franc was missed most by people from the working class and those with the least qualifications.

It said these people were hardest-hit by the economic crisis, and the franc for them is a reminder of the prosperity of the late 90s.

                Let the good times roll. Good old global economy.  I am saving all my 'metal money' for when the dollar is worth nothing and inflation is out of sight.  I am starting to think like a survivalist because things are going to get worse before they get better and inflation is coming.  The governments are making too many mistakes to put your faith or fate in their hands.

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