Friday, February 26, 2010

Scott Brown fumes over health plan

  Hopefully Scott Brown got the message, from many in state and out who donated to his election committee, when he voted for the jobs bill with the Dems. He is coming out and rejecting Obama care II as the 'nuclear option' that will raise taxes.  I did watch some of that summit yesterday and was left with the impression that the president still does not get it, will not change his mind, and does does not care about anyone's thoughts on the matter but his.

Sen. Scott Brown yesterday warned the Obama administration against using the “nuclear option” of ramming through Congress a revised $1 trillion health-care bill outlined yesterday by the White House.
The administration unveiled what’s already being called “Obamacare II” - a mix of already approved House and Senate health-care legislation aimed at expanding coverage for 31 million Americans.
Obama’s plan also includes caps on excessive insurance-premium increases, similar to measures Gov. Deval Patrick proposed two weeks ago in Massachusetts.

“If the Democrats try to ram their health-care bill through Congress using reconciliation, they are sending a dangerous signal to the American people that they will stop at nothing to raise our taxes, increase premiums and slash Medicare,” said Brown spokesman Colin Reed in a statement. “Using the nuclear option damages the concept of representative leadership and represents more of the politics-as-usual that voters have repeatedly rejected.”
While Brown’s office didn’t specifically reject Obama’s latest bill, there was no doubt Brown views the proposal as similar to earlier health-care plans backed by Democrats, even though he reached across the aisle to support a major jobs bill yesterday.

OK, Mr. Brown, those are the fighting words that I and many others want to hear from you.  Don't go slipping away and try to work with the Dems like Mr. does not work and we do not want it.

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