Tuesday, February 16, 2010


 The unions in France are not happy with the government's efforts to reform the system and are planning a national strike. Good luck to France............. they will need it.

FIVE trade unions have called a nationwide day of strike action on March 23 in protest at the French government’s proposed pension reforms.

The CFDT, CGT, FSU, Solidaires and Unsa are planning the industry-wide walkout after Nicolas Sarkozy announced a new law on retirement would be pushed back to the autumn instead of summer as originally planned.

It is too early to say what effect the strike will have – or which areas will be hit.

Unions called for a 'day of action' following yesterday's summit between business leaders, politicians and unions.

The government is planning a reform of the French retirement system later this year. In a poll last weekend, 59% of people said they were against changing the state pension age.

  Here most union members are government employees. Unions once served a purpose. Gone are the days of sweatshops and child labor.  Time here to at least raise the retirement age from 59 to 70?  Who among the private sector work for only 20 years, retire, get a pension, and then are free and still young enough to find another job to finish out their working career?  The system is not sustainable, we are broke. The entitlements and those who sign them into law are bringing the country to it's knees and bankruptcy.

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