Monday, February 8, 2010

GE sending Locomotives to Nigeria...and they were made in Brazil

GE Transportation delivered five diesel locomotives to Nigeria that the country will use for passenger and freight service, GE said on Feb. 5.

The  C25 locomotives are the first of 25 that the division of General Electric will deliver in 2010 to the Nigerian Railway Corp. , with the remaining 20 expected to be shipped in the second half of the year.

The six-axle locomotives were built by GE Transportation South America, GE Transportation's affiliate facility located in Brazil. The locomotives are powered by 12-cylinder, 2,500 horsepower engines. The locomotives were designed specifically to accommodate Nigeria's weight per axle and clearance characteristics.

     When my husband and I were first married he worked in the near by GE plant, like many others in Massachusetts.  The facility is still open but with just hundreds as opposed to thousands that had good paying manufacturing jobs since the 30's. Many of the buildings on the massive site are closed and unoccupied. 
   Much of GE products are made over seas so when the president talks up the jobs, I still say it might still be too late unless you want to work at a fast food joint....
  GE is now world wide and jobs are not coming back to Massachusetts or the States for that matter. 


  1. Put some limitations on unions and those jobs may come back. There is a reason why those jobs go overseas and don't come back.


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