Friday, February 5, 2010

Buy American exemption reached

   I like Canada, I have visited Canada, I have relatives in Canada.....BUT
Trade is a good thing but having something TO trade is even a better way to go.  Our president still thinks we want him to make all important decisions all by himself because, well, I don't rally know because............
And the President did say Americans need jobs, Right? Where and When will the jobs start for our people?
We really are running out of time.

But as the Post reported on Jan. 28, the deal will be structured to allow the White House to use executive power to treat sectors of the Canadian economy as American by claiming supply chains are so integrated they cannot be separated. This has been done because Barack Obama, the U.S. President, cannot rely on Congress to pass legislation exempting Canada from Buy American provisions.

"There was a critical mass of support in the United States that something needed be done to get Canada back into the procurement business - and get Canada qualified to supply into U.S. projects with stimulus funding," said Lawrence Herman, a trade lawyer with Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP, on why Washington finally gave in.

The Buy American provisions, contained in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, prohibit foreign-produced iron, steel and other manufactured goods from being used in projects paid for through nearly US$800-billion of stimulus funding. Under the law, all those goods must be sourced through the United States.
According to informed sources, the deal would grant Canadian exporters access to procurement markets in the 37 U.S. states covered under the World Trade Organization agreement on government tenders. Further, Canadian companies are freed from Buy American restrictions as it relates to funds remaining in seven programs under the stimulus legislation.

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