Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Will the Fundamental Right to Life group be watching the Superbowl and vote on their favorite player or favorite ad.....

WASHINGTON (Catholic Online) – Those who oppose the Fundamental Right to Life are screaming “No” to a Superbowl ad featuring Florida Gators Quarterback Tim Tebow, who was a survivor of a potential abortion.

The Heisman-winning collegiate superstar is featured in a 30 second ad, funded by Focus on the Family, with his mother. They will tell the story of her high-risk pregnancy when she and her husband were missionaries in the Philippines. Advised to have an abortion, she chose life and Tim Tebow was born.

       Two weeks in a row, I am proud of my country.  I could get use to this trend...... Now, should I watch the presidential state of the union address tonight and bring my whole mood down? 

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  1. I won't watch the CBS telecast if they remove the commercial.


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