Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The President will Talk Jobs

Tomorrow night the President will get in front of the cameras (again) and tell us what he will do to create jobs. We will see if he will rethink his failed policies or if he will speak a little louder to make us hear and understand his failed policies just a little more clearly.
When all else fails I hope he will look at the new study that projects how to create 11 million jobs.

in reference to: IndustryWeek : New Study Projects Creation of 11 Million Jobs if U.S. Policies Change (view on Google Sidewiki)


  1. It will be the latter. He clearly thinks that Americans are stupid, and that all of this failure of the past year is not failure, it is the stupid public that doesn't understand that all of this spending was in fact wildly successful.

    He will just raise his voice a bit, talk a bit more slowly so the dumbest of us will get it.

    You wait and see.

  2. That's how I see it going also, and how many times will he mention the 'previous administration'


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