Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pass the Marijuana instead of the salt

TRENTON — The New Jersey Legislature approved a measure on Monday that would make the state the 14th in the nation, but one of the few on the East Coast, to legalize the use of marijuana to help patients with chronic illnesses.

       Let me get this right, marijuana is OK  now, but only for chronic illnesses. Who or what designates a chronic illness?   Marijuana was 'interesting' to me many years ago.  Now I am just interested in salting my food and having a piece of fried chicken once and a while.  Seriously speaking, if you are ill and a joint can help with the pain, I am all for it.


  1. Damn ... New Jerwsey must know what I know about the goings on in D.C. SHOCKING STUFF, I tell you. You must swing by the ADHD hole in hell.


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