Friday, January 29, 2010

Kennedy says decision not to run ‘wasn’t the greatest’

I think this whisperer is telling Mr. Kennedy that he did make a wise decision because he too would have lost the seat long held by Ted Kennedy and now held by Mr. Brown.

The Dems here in Massachusetts are still feeling the sting and disbelief that the Kennedy seat is now the 'people's seat'.

Don't you think this man had people out there to see if he would have been electable before he decided to run or not for his uncle's seat?  Ya, and he would have also lost, they still do not get how angry the people are as per the presidents political talk on Tuesday evening.

It seems our governor Deval Patrick, friend and campaigner for the president, is already getting his re-election campaign in order seeing that we do have a couple of Republicans looking to replace him. 

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  1. Let the good times roll. I wonder if my blue (deep, cobalt blue) state of Illinois will follow suit.

    I hope so.


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