Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Don't Let the Door Hit You on Your Way Out...............

       This is an inspiring video, yes.  Why would a politician in office for years and years really care about the average citizen?  Do they care about terrorism on a plane when they have their own plane.  Do they care about health insurance when they have the best and cheapest that money can buy?  What about a pay check...have they taken a hit like most of us in the last three year recession or have they given themselves raises and had plenty of paid vacations and trips abroad?
       My only hope is that some will still be in office in November, and not all run for the hills like Dodd, so we can vote them out!  Mr. Dodd saw the writing on the wall as far as his re-election, are ya listening Barney?
       As with communism, our politicians live pretty well with no term limits to be concerned with.  Well, we the people have had enough and we are not going to let you take this country down without a fight.  You work for us and it is time you listen.


  1. I'm glad you liked the Great video "America Rising", and reposted from my post. This is making the rounds, and they can't ignore us!
    The only bad part is we have to look at pelousey's ugly mug! The cycle right above it, is very fitting!

  2. The video is great! Blunt and to the point. Have you noticed the mainstream media's use of the word blunt to describe Obama with all these TSA fiascos and the underwear bomber? I think they mean dull, but it has been the talking point of the week. Obama is 'blunt.'


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