Monday, December 21, 2009

Yorkshire vicar advises hard-pressed parishioners to shoplift

        Now I am truly embarrassed: Shoplifting is fine if you only take what you need and do not take from small companies.  Yes we have failed the poor by not giving them the proper incentives to learn and a proper place to learn and a place use their knowledge.  Their have always been people to give a helping hand, I have been one, but to repay this by stealing from them?  Not all poor need a hand out they need a hand up!

The eighth commandment used to be a fairly simple one: Thou shalt not steal. A Yorkshire vicar has now come up with an interesting new interpretation, advising the more hard-pressed of his parishioners to shoplift.
However they should only do it from big shops, says Father Jones, and it would probably be best if they did not take any more than they needed.
Inevitably, some less spiritually enlightened individuals — including North Yorkshire Police — have taken his remarks in entirely the wrong way, assuming that by advising people to shoplift he is in some way encouraging shoplifting.
Father Tim Jones’s remarks came in his sermon at the Church of St Lawrence, York on Sunday, when he said that stealing from large national chains was sometimes the best option open to vulnerable people.

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