Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yes, Miracles do happen

Down two legs, and who knows how many lives, a Florida cat missing 11 days somehow arrived home.
Tracie Steger lost hope after search parties and fliers failed to turn up her beloved Giggle-Blizzard.
She winced after hearing a car had hit a kitty, and raced to scare off a vulture with a suspicious whisker in its teeth.
Neither was him.
But on Thanksgiving night, a yelp from the porch was.
A car had smashed his back legs a week ago, but Giggle-Blizzard somehow got back. He knew the area from walking unleashed with Steger's seven other cats and two dogs.
After two operations he's back in Steger's menagerie, sporting Christmas-colored splints.
It cost $3,000, but Steger can't contain her joy.


  1. Pets reallly are amazing. I do beleive there is something more to them than just the loyalty traded for food.

  2. Ahhhh, that is such a happy story! Poor kitty, I'm happy it found it's happy home again. People who love animals will pay anything to help them when they are ill and injured!


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