Thursday, December 24, 2009

Scrooge or Scrouge????

Would you trust anyone of these people to feed your fish or walk your dog or run your business?  The answer is no.  Why would you want them to run your medical care and decide if you need a test.  I have spent years working and paying my taxes and now these people will take my money and distribute it out of Medicare and into a new ObamaCare?   Not so fast you have not won yet.

  Anyone in the Senate that has been their more than two terms or in a wheelchair or uses a walker should be out!  I still will have a Merry Christmas and hope you do the same because next year I will be working harder than this year to kick the plan and your butts out!

          Post Script: Quiet and Polite objection is so 2009!!!!!


  1. What a motley crew! Thanks for ruining our country Mr. Harry Reid.

  2. Merry Christmas, LadyDi. May they all eat bad oysters and, well, experience what happens when one eats bad oysters.


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