Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We Need A Christmas Miracle

   I am not asking just for me but for all who know not what the hell (sorry) they are voting for and the changes our country and her people will suffer threw if this Obamacare bill passes.
  It looks now that a vote will come on Christmas Eve at 8:00AM. 
  Insurance will not be free, not all will even be covered if this passes.  Your taxes and my taxes will go up. Taxes on medical equipment will be added. Tanning booths will be taxed out of existence, just saying.
  Name me just one government program that is running well and is on budget.... Post office, Amtrak, Medicare???
What do these people care if your taxes go up..........they don't pay their taxes anyway!!!
So a little Christmas Miracle , change your vote to a no instead of a yes and give us something to celebrate moving into 2010..................Cheers 


  1. Hi Lady Di!
    I sure hope your Christmas Miracle wish comes true!
    If it does, it would be a TRUE MIRACLE!

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Happy Christmas And Great New Year!
    PS: You changed you pic, you look so sweet and happy, keep smiling ;-) Bunni

  2. This is a bad bill and apparently a lost battle, but out of losses often come a rallying battle cry that will win the war, "remember the Alamo".

  3. A miracle would be nice right about now.
    Merry Christmas, Lady Di. Have a Happy & Healthy New Year, too.
    I still believe in miracles!


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