Thursday, December 17, 2009

That Tap Water Is Legal but May Be Unhealthy

Okay, First we have our water supplied by the lakes and streams. Then we 'invent' bottled water. Now plastic is not good so we are told to drink water from the tap....are you keeping up?
Now our tap water is unsafe to drink. Hmmm I think it is time for a Tap Czar and I don't mean dancing!

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"That Tap Water Is Legal but May Be Unhealthy"
- Millions Drink Tap Water That Is Legal, but Maybe Not Healthy - Series - (view on Google Sidewiki)


  1. Remember, they used Fluoride in Germany to dumb down prisoners of war. Not only that, but in Japan they are putting lithium in the water.

    Plastic is horrible. It's a petroleum product which produces an estrogen like substance. Could it be a reason why the boys have grown so soft?

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  3. Look on any plastic bottle. There is a recycling rating on it. It's the three arrows with a number in the middle. The lower the number, the more petroleum in the bottle. Most bottled water comes with a 1 rating.


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