Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I See London... I See France...I See Mommy's Underpants

Smile......your being scanned

   Logan Airport will soon receive the new body scanning machine for already weary travelers.  Riddle me this: Why is it when another terrorist gets through security, I have to be the one that gets delayed and go through still another type of body check?  Is our security working or is it the people in charge of the security at the air-ports who are not doing their jobs. Would it be at all possible to have maybe two lines for security? This is a serious matter and I do have a few suggestions.

First line:  American citizen
               Valid passport on lanyard around the neck
                Return ticket purchased
                Traveling with baby, kids, or old folk
                Not a Muslim
                Age 60 or older
                Traveling to Disney World on school vacations
                Tax payer
                Does not ask for the emergency door seat
                Wearing a jogging suit and sensible shoes
                Boarding with a laptop computer and or I Pod
Second line:  Not an American Citizen with one way ticket

                    Anyone else



  1. I used to love to fly, now I could care less about getting on an airplane thanks the federal government. The illusion of safety has continued to fail. Just let us get on an airplane.

  2. Some have achieved high political office with the art of illusion. And I will fly until my government makes it illegal to do so.

  3. The new passenger rules just announced are insane! One hour before landing, everyone in their seats, no lavatory visits, hands must be visible and holding nothing. No books, laptops, nothing.

    It's just plain stupid. All because WE CAN'T PROFILE!

  4. Crucis..

    Yes, and it is always the innocent and the law abiding people who pay so this government can takeover still another right. Government will fix all....yeah, right! Can not wait till the new year to see what this regime will take control of next and if the people will finally step up. Take care comrade.


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