Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Balls....and not the tree decorations

         We are waiting for a winter storm to hit in the North East.  After dumping a foot of snow on Washington DC, I feel like I am the one getting dumped on FROM Washington DC.      

        Yes, its Christmas, the presents are wrapped, tree is decorated  and I should be making my famous Christmas cookies.  I was also hoping those brain trusts in Washington would be home for the holidays........but nope, they are trying to pass the massive Obamacare bill that the majority of people do not want.  Now I will have to spend most of the weekend reading the bill on line. Oh, it will be on line before the vote in the middle of the night.......right?  The President said transparency or was he referring to just seeing through him.

       I think it might be time to put some of this modern technology to use.  We could save time and a lot of aggravation if we moved to a call in vote plan.  On matters as important as changing our medical care as we know it, we the people should be able to text or call an 800 number and let our voices be heard. It could work but it will not happen.   This is not a threat but a fact..... King George did not listen....either! 

     I will make my Christmas cookies................. "I will not eat cake"



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