Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well the first wound is over the 'the bill' passed with a narrow margin. I watched the debate and found most of it nauseating. The government grab is just going to grow government. We have 10.2% unemployment and how the hell are we to pay for

In Massachusetts major transportation agencies more than doubled the number of six-figure jobs since Patrick won the governorship in 2006. Transportation secretaries under Patrick have been paid 25 percent more than in the prior administration. New appointees have been simply layered over old ones, with the displaced workers given new titles.

The result: The Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works and the Massachusetts Highway Department together saw a 20 percent surge in their payrolls under Patrick, according to state comptroller records obtained under open records laws. The boost in personnel costs came as the administration, which had pledged early on to reform the transportation system, was facing an increasingly difficult financial picture.

As you now by know, I have a small 60yr old business and we have had to reduce our staff, reduce our expenses, and this year the state RAISED the excise tax on our diminished fleet of vehicles.  I am not the government, I can not just print money!  I am not the government, I can not just create a job and attach a paycheck and many unfunded benefits for live to it.

It is a sad state of affairs when on the national level a new group of elected brain trusts (Dodd, Kerry, Rangel, Frank,) will be in charge of your health care! I called my Reps yesterday to voice my dissatisfaction with this, this, bill. I have e-mailed them, I have attended town halls, when they have been so gracious to hold one, and it makes know difference. They vote like cattle and with no regard to common sense. The only thing they will 'get' know is loosing their job as many of the American people already have. They can not keep giving unemployment extensions; THERE IS NO MORE MONEY!!!!!!!

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