Thursday, November 19, 2009


        Thank you again tax payers for your stimulus bucks to be used in Massachusetts, yes Senator Kennedy would have been proud.  Looks like most money is going to government or those well connected to government.

       Can not wait till these people start screwing with the medical insurance and institutions in the name of medical coverage for all, I mean almost all!!!

There’s $1.5 million to fix a remote lighthouse on uninhabited Monomoy Island, off Cape Cod. Security measures to protect the Spirit of Boston party cruise ship from terrorist attacks will cost about $123,000. And the University of Massachusetts at Boston received nearly $95,000 to study pollen samples from the Viking era in Iceland.


  1. I love lighthouses, but I don't want to see federal money fix a remote one.

  2. Bill, I love them also and I want our young people to get the best education money can buy.
    Just like the elected ones, they know where to send the funds to keep them getting elected with no real chance of change until election laws are changed and why do that.........


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