Monday, November 9, 2009

New Project in Massachusetts with your money....


Thanks again America, Massachusetts (home of the 'big dig) is looking to create jobs with your stimulus money.

FOXBORO, Mass. -- Millions of federal stimulus dollars are being put aside for a planned footbridge in Foxboro.
Governor Deval Patrick wants to spend $9 million from federal stimulus funds on a footbridge connecting parking lots on one side of Route 1 to Patriot Place and Gillette Stadium. Although many people are questioning if this is the best use of stimulus money, Governor Patrick says that it will create jobs and boost the economy in the area.
"This is a bridge to a million and a half square feet of fully permitted commercial space, 4,000 permanent jobs, 4,500 commercial jobs, it's exactly how stimulus money should be used and it's one of among thousands of projects like it that will stimulate and are already stimulating growth in the Commonwealth," says Governor Patrick.
Others say that this is a bridge to nowhere.
"This government has done nothing to help the small businessmen, nothing," says a small business owner.
The state has a very detailed procedure they go through to figure out exactly where to spend the stimulus money.
State officials reportedly bypassed other projects in favor of the footbridge including roadwork in towns such as Danvers, Canton, and Braintree.

  I am sure you love the New England Patriots and see this a great way to spend your money.  Did I mention
that Mr Kraft, owner of team and one of the 4th wealthiest, is not as yet putting up a dime.  Our Governer Patrick is also a close friend of the President and was helpful in his campaign. 


  1. Why should the wealthy owner of the team put up any money if the government is going to pay for it?

  2. Eleven years from now they might finish it, 47 million dollars over budget, and hopefully no concrete slabs will fall from above onto an unsuspecting pedestrian....


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